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Sarah Cullen - Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist convering Knutsford, Wilmslow & Alderley Edge


I have helped many clients achieve their goals.

Some of my previous clients have kindly written testimonials on their experience whilst training with me.

Juliet's Testimonial

“Sarah has been a vital part of my transformation from a woman of 60 weighing nearly 23 stone who couldn’t get up and down off the floor, to someone who is 12 stone lighter, does regular gym and yoga classes and long walks in the Peak District. (I particularly love the boxing.)

I knew early on when I finally found the right weight loss programme, but I then became concerned about the ‘apron’ of loose skin that losers of a lot of weight are often left with. I had to do something to avoid being just as immobile but lighter. Connecting with Sarah was the greatest of good fortune. From our early gym classes (which could only be 30 minutes long) to our current Kundalini yoga, she has guided and supported me every step of the way. I have total confidence in her and am happy to put myself entirely in her hands. We are branching out into other forms of yoga now and it is all great.


Mark's Testimonial

“Up until 5 years ago I led a very active life but then I was diagnosed with very aggressive arthritis. After 7 operations and 5 Joint replacements a drug was finally found that controlled the disease to some extent. I wanted to try and get back normal to some degree, but years of being sedentary and immobile along with the damage caused by the disease I knew I would need help. My Physio recommended Sarah for yoga and she has been fantastic. She has shown a great deal of knowledge in adapting to my weaknesses to find the best exercises/positions for me. After every session I leave with a greater amount of confidence having made achievements in flexibility and strength. Her friendly caring nature along with her knowledge have been invaluable for me.


Ed's Testimonial

“After a number of sessions I feel stronger and better in my mind and body although this takes time, Sarah is knowledgeable and patient with me and is always taking time to see what’s been working and how you are which is what I love.

I’ve found a new love for kundalini and the breath work has helped with my busy mind that’s always on the go, so the meditation and breathing helps carm my mind when its on overdrive with life and work.


Class Testimonials

“I've been going to Sarah's yoga class for the last few years now and I look forward to my weekly class with her! The creativity of her classes keep every week different and challenging in the best possible way! Always something new to push personal boundaries, help achieve goals and allow the most wonderful downtime. I can honestly say I love every single class and cannot thank Sarah enough for being the most inspirational teacher! Not to mention keeping me sane, healthy and giving me the best nights sleep after class!

Jackie, Wilmslow

“Sarah is a great teacher and she instantly made me feel welcome and relaxed I have been going to her for around 3 months now and I feel my flexibility is so much better and I used to suffer with back pain which I hardly get now I look forward to the Monday sessions as they set me up for a great positive start to the week ahead. I used to struggle to chill out and unwind and really feel yoga helps me.

Nicola, Wilmslow

“Sarah has great understanding of her clients needs and is very patient ,which is helpful as a beginner . I am more flexible , have better posture and feel much calmer thanks to Sarah`s Yoga classes, also helped with my mobility , the stretches and relaxation techniques really help my recovery after weight training.

Rick, Wilmslow

“Sarah has given me the bug for yoga, she is a brilliant authentic teacher but manages to get it across in a modern way. Yoga for yogi’s and non yogi’s alike.

Keely, Mobberley

“As a beginner to yoga Sarah is patient and knowledgeable and takes time to understand what you want to take out of the session. I feel strong more flexible and my breathing has improved. If you want a caring knowledgeable person to help with mind and body you won’t get better then SFL yoga therapy.

Ed, Wilmslow

Alun's Testimonial

“I was always sceptical of going with a personal trainer. Firstly, I thought it was a unnecessary expense. Secondly, I could achieve my goals on my own.

However, having been introduced to Sarah I decided to give it a go and I am now a convert. Not only does she have a great attitude & professional approach she also listened to where I wanted to improve and helped me achieve my goals.

For me it was all about initially improving my general fitness but then lately focus on improving my definition and muscle tone. I learnt about performing the correct exercises, varying my routine to achieve better results, the importance of diet & nutrition.

Prior to working with Sarah I would get bored in the gym performing the same repetitive routines. Now I have a new desire and find the improvements become addictive. But that’s just my own goals. The thing is with Sarah is that she will work with you to achieve whatever results you require.

I am a 52 year old convert who is no longer sceptical. If I can do it anyone can.


Jane's Testimonial

“When I first met Sarah, I was an overweight yo-yo dieter, in a constant state of exhaustion and losing the battle against binge eating.

That was only 12 weeks ago but I am now healthier, fitter and stronger, a stone lighter and have so much more energy to enjoy my life.

She is a delightful person who has put me through gruelling workouts in a pleasing, calm manner that makes the experience ‘almost’ enjoyable. The workouts she has given me have shaped and toned my body beyond what I could have hoped for at my age. No session is ever the same and I can honestly say that I actually look forward to seeing her every week.

Changing my eating habits has been a challenge but she understands how I struggle against my sugar addiction and binge eating. She is never judgemental or bullying, just completely supportive and offering realistic advice about how to predict danger times and deal with them. I have not been reformed completely into a paragon of virtue and I still battle many times against my old habits but, thanks to Sarah, I now feel that I am winning the war.


Kathryn's Testimonial

“Kathryn has lost an amazing 2.6 kg and a total of 5 inches in just 14 days with my 14 day Body Blast package.

I can't thank you enough for the motivation and the help you have given me over the past few weeks. I've achieved amazing results in such a short space of time, both physically and mentally. Most importantly it has given me the drive and desire to get back into a regular training programme, which in turn has helped me to transform my diet and almost completely ditch my unhealthy eating habits. I had tried so many times to start a new exercise programme or diet but just couldn't do it on my own. With your help I have managed to lose weight, drop body fat, improve muscle strength and tone and finally get back on track to achieving my health and fitness goals. Although I still have a way to go I am confident I'll get there in time for my 30th birthday in two months’ time. If I can achieve such dramatic results in two weeks, I can't wait to see what I can achieve in two months!”

Sometimes all you need is a little kick start to help you achieve your goals. Why not try out one of our great packages to get you ready for the summer!


Samara's Testimonial

“I’ve been a member at my gym on and off for years and have always found working out a bit of a chore, although I enjoyed running. After a bad shoulder injury, I became unfit and had put on a bit of weight, which I didn’t seem to be able to shift regardless of rigorous calorie counting and dragging myself to the gym. I felt a bit embarrassed about how unfit I felt and the way I looked and I was starting to feel unwell – both physically and emotionally.

I talked to Sarah at the gym as she seemed so approachable and I’d seen her training other gym-members. I am so glad that I did talk to Sarah as 4 months later I am fit, healthy and happy. I have completely changed my approach to my health and fitness with guidance and encouragement from Sarah. Sarah has helped me to make some healthy changes to my diet and I have found a way to work out regardless of my shoulder injury – in fact my shoulder has strengthened. Sarah’s approach to training is really motivating, she tailors and focuses the sessions to me personally which keeps me on my toes and ensures I get the best possible work out.

I used to think that training with a personal trainer was a luxury but now I see my sessions with Sarah as being key to my fitness and happiness. I have reached my goal weight and look and feel better than I have in years – something I didn’t expect at 36 after 2 children by c section. I have renewed confidence and energy and that is all thanks to Sarah – she has motivated me to push past my goals and prioritise my health.

I look forward to my training sessions with Sarah and she somehow makes them tough but fun. I can confide in Sarah and value her advice – she really knows her stuff.

I would thoroughly recommend Sarah to anyone – at any fitness level. She will undoubtedly be able to help and make a really positive change in your life and she is worth her weight in gold. I can’t thank her enough.


Susie's Testimonial

After years of eating and drinking whatever I wanted I realised I had become overweight, unfit and sluggish and it was getting me down.

I had never really been to the gym or done any regular exercise before so was daunted by the prospect and apprehensive about starting any exercise. My partner persuaded me to give it a go and I soon realised I needed some extra help and that’s when I met Sarah.

Sarah explained lots of things about diet and my body and how it reacts to food and how to get my energy back which really helped me to understand what I was doing.

Sarah enthused me and made me feel confident that I could lose weight and become fitter with some changes to my diet and with regular exercise. Within 3 months I had lost 1 stone, felt great and looked so much better than I had looked in 20 years. My body shape changed, my eating habits improved and I realised that some foods were just not good for me. I can now run 7k without stopping for a rest or feeling ill and I now believe I can go so much further than that if I just keep up the training.

Sarah is a great person to be with and although tests your limits does it in a way that is not bullying and is always supportive to your needs and how you feel.

Sarah is positive, understanding, firm and helps you achieve any goals. I would highly recommend anyone who thinks its impossible to change how you look and feel to use Sarah to get you to where you want to be.

I am definitely a reformed character, I now feel awful if I don’t do some exercise and push myself and my diet is generally so much better although as with all things in life there are always times when you just have to let it go.