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Sarah Cullen - Personal Trainer & Sports Massage Therapist convering Knutsford, Wilmslow & Alderley Edge


Yoga & massage package

Do you wonder how you will ever get into a pose? Are you intimidated at the thought of going into a yoga class as you just don’t bend that way? This maybe the package for you. With my years of experience as a Masssge therapist I am able to release the areas that maybe holding you back, freeing you up so that you can go deeper into the pose.

Yoga therapy

On my own personal journey I realised how much pain I carried In my own mind and body. In my quest for happiness I tried everything. From years of studying & researching, I began to see the link between the mind and body. This package helps you find the best tools to find inner peace. I work with you on a very personal level to unravel the behaviours/ patterns that are holding you back, teaching you the tools and techniques to transform your life.

Anxiety package

Anxiety is crippling. When anxiety attacks it can feel like your world is crumbling around you. Breath work is the most powerful tool a long side nutrition. I work with you on a personal level, teaching you the tools you need to take back control in your life.

Yoga fat loss/ fitness package

Have you tried every diet, every exercise program but you still can’t seem to lose weight or you may even be putting on weight. Or maybe you keep getting injury after injury. As we age our body changes but we fail to listen to what it actually needs. This package is a blend of nutritional advice, power, vinyasa & kundalini yoga to not only burn calories but also re set your metabolism.

Yoga rehab

From years of personal training experience I know the major issues when it comes to injuries within the body. I will work with you to unravel and re activate the body so you can continue on with your fitness journey pain free.

Injury package/ dealing with pain package

Do you have injury after injury or do you live with constant pain? Yin yoga is a powerful practice that releases the fascial system (the connective tissue surrounding every muscle & organ) when we have an injury or illness our fascia becomes effected causing a lack of movement/ blood flow to the area of concern. This means we are unable to heal and be free of pain.

Women’s health package

As I head towards my 40’s I notice a big change within my body. I wish I knew 20 years ago what I do now about the female body & how to truly care for myself. I also wish that I had been educated on boundary setting, self love, self empowerment, yoga & meditation. It is never too late, I have clients in their 60’s that are finally making these changes to their lives. As females we have a responsibility to show the younger generation how to love & respect ourselves. This package is all about understanding the female mind & body so that you can truly love & take care of yourself.

Pre & Postnatal

Having a child is one of life greatest gifts and as a mother you must look after your body.

Whether you are pre or postnatal you can be rest assured that I can help you through the battles of weight gain throughout and after pregnancy.

Recommended sessions 2-4 per week

Session prices

All training session prices are detailed and listed on my Prices page.

For further information or enquiries, you can call me on 07401 763643 or alternatively email me at sarah@sfl-fitnesstherapy.co.uk or get in touch through my Contact page.